Peas N Carrots Mission Statement


            Our mission is to provide outstanding service and an enjoyable experience as well as a product you will love. We deeply value making lasting connections with our clients and our community. We are here to preserve your memories in images for years to come.



About us



            At a very young age Pernille found photography and continued to pursue it through high school in Katy, Texas. In January of 2006 she moved halfway across the country to attend Brooks Institute of Photography in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in professional photography with a major in portraiture in 2009



            Travis also discovered an interest in photography at an early age and started working in the school photography industry in 1998. In 2006 his ambitions took him from Riverside, California to Santa Barbara, where he attended the School of Media Arts. He graduated with an Associate of Arts degree with a focus on photography in 2008.


Pernille + Travis

            In August of 2007 Pernille found herself in need of a job. A bright red “now hiring” sign at the top of a staircase led her down to a small basement store called Tuesday Morning. Pernille turned in an application but did not hear back. Getting desperate (and hungry) she followed up by purchasing two cheap blue wine glasses and casually asking the manager if he had reviewed her application. He had not, but her persistence paid off and she began work the following week.


Not long after she started, Pernille noticed her manager’s mutual passion for photography. Within a few months, he asked her to assist him on a photography job. On Valentine’s Day 2008 Travis and Pernille photographed their first of many jobs together. They continued to photograph weddings together regularly and in the process they started dating. On July 30th, 2011 they got married and 9 months later Peas N Carrots Photography was born.


Since then they have photographed over 50 weddings, countless newborns and hundreds of family sessions. In the spring of 2015 they were approached about doing school photography and signed their first school.


            This brings us to now. Pernille and Travis not only love what they do, but they are also grateful that their paths crossed at just the right time enabling them to become the husband and wife duo they are today. Their unique strengths and abilities combined with their passion allow them to capture their clients’ most endearing and personal moments.