Can I split my package?

Absolutely, you can split your package however you would like. Just indicate which print you would like in what size online or on your order envelope. Online wallets can be split into sets of 4, on the envelopes a sheet of 8 wallets can be split 8 ways.


How long before I receive my package?

Digital downloads ordered online are available within 24 hours. If you purchase your package online you can choose the method of shipping and have it within a few days. For the orders placed through our envelopes, you will receive the package approximately one week after the drop off deadline. 


Why is my passcode not working? 

There may be a few reasons why your passcode is not working. Make sure you are typing it in correctly with lowercase and uppercase letters. If you are still having problems please give us a call and we will get it sorted out right away. 


Do I need to pay for shipping?

If you place your oder online both tax and shipping will be added to your order. You will have a few different shipping options to choose from. 


Why are the prices different online? 

Our online prices are slightly different than the ones listed on the envelopes because tax is included in our envelope pricing. The prices work out to be roughly the same once tax is added to your online order. 


Can I crop my student's image?

Yes. We recommend only minor cropping in order to keep the quality of the image high resolution. Once you have selected which pose you would like for which size print, click add to cart. Then when you click view cart, it will give you the option to "edit" next to each image. Click edit again below the image and you will be able to crop as well as rotate or make it B&W or sepia tone. 


Can I select retouching online?

No. At this time retouching is only available on orders placed through the envelope. The retouching fee is per image so make sure you indicate which pose to retouch unless you pay to retouch them all.


Can I share my passcode with family or friends?

Yes. You can give out the passcode to anyone that would like to order images. 


How long do I have to order? 

For envelope orders we set a 2 week deadline to get your order back to the school (1 week for Santa pictures). You can place an order online at anytime. Once a new session is uploaded from your student's school you will have to contact us to upload your old gallery.


My digital download expired, can I still download?

Yes. Please contact us for a new link to your download. 


I never received a link to my digital download, how do I get it?

Check your spam folder, sometimes the links end up in there. If not please contact up and we will send you a link right away. 


I want to order pictures from a previous session but the passcode is not working, can I still order?

Yes. Please contact us for the details of uploading an old galleries to the site, we recommend placing your order as soon as possible after receiving your proofs. 


Do you only photograph schools?

No. We offer all kinds of other session from Newborn and birthday sessions to families and even weddings. Please ask us about our premium session pricing and mini session specials.